O mně

Hello everyone,

    my name is Jana Adamcova and I’m 44. I was born and raised in Slovakia with my mother tongue different from the one I used for building my career and professional life later on. I moved to Czech republic with its beautiful city Prague when I was 18 with great dreams and a lot of strength and belief. I knew I could speak their different language, cause I had good ears for that. And in a short period of time I spoke Czech perfectly with no sign of being born abroad.

    To make the story short(er), I have a Master degree in Media and Communication from The Faculty of Humanitarian Studies at The Charles University in Prague, which (The University) was founded in 1346. I had worked as The Newcast Anchor for about 15 years, before (and between) my (2 cute) kids were born.

    First I started to anchor the news in radio. After 4 years in a radio I was asked to start doing the TV News in the biggest and the most successful tv station in The Czech republic, TV Nova. I took the chance and anchored The Morning Show News for two years. Afterwards, I got an opportunity to move to The Prime Time Sports News. These news were not exactly my cup of coffee, as I love doing sports but I am not any big fan of watching them. But it was very prestigeous position and, what was even more important, much better for my “body clock”, as I am not too much morning person…. Being The Sports News Anchor, I had to do almost everything that was associated with this job – write, prepare, shoot, edit and anchor. And I did it for 12 years successfully. When my second child was born, I had to stop working and I devoted whole my time to kids and their activities. After four years “at home” I received an offer to anchor the news on TV Barrandov, which was the 3rd biggest TV Station in The Czech rep. and I spent another great professional time there.

    During the 15 years of career I have performed in many TV shows and events and hosted many of them, too. I had been interviewed thousand times. I have gone through many different situations in my life and it tought me how to work hard. I am educated and well orientated in this profession, but having an experience with the media and their practices here for the last couple of years, I started to feel like there was no sense of putting any effort into my professional “battle” here. I began devoting even more time to my kids, cause it seemed to me as the most useful thing I could do. I started to travel to the US spending at least 5 months a year there to give my children a chance to speak English and teach them how to live in a different continent and go on well with different nation (s). I am sure it will be useful for their future, no matter where the wind will blow them away.    

    This might be a nice story ending. But I believe I am in my best age now with a lot of sleeping potencial and creativity. No frustration, except of being on a diet five times a year, no big demands or unreal expectations. Being very happy with what I got in my life and curious about what happens next….

     Thank you for your time and regards,

                                                                                                        Mgr. Jana Adamcova